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Today's overproduction has become a standard for many industries. The fashion industry is the significant one. But with fast-evolving technologies, there is an easy way how to eliminate the alarming increase –


digital fashion.

Studio Ofform3D leads individuals and businesses on the journey of 3D fashion.

If you consider making your business sustainable and save your time and costs the transformation from 2D to 3D is an efficient way how to achieve it.

OFFORM3D guides you through three steps where the process of transferring into 3D proceeds. You can either choose to follow all of them or choose the one that fits the character of your business.

3d design development

/design /pattern /extra

Design development is a time-consuming process. 3D technologies rapidly shorten this period.

There are many options considering digitization, and O3D offers them all.

Would you like to start but do not know how? Let us do the work. We will need at least one item from each section. (3).gif


  • Sketch

  • Technical drawing

  • Photo


  • Physical pattern

  • Digital pattern (Ai, PDF, or DXF format)

  • You do not have one? We can make it for you


  • Tech pack

  • Specific information about fabrics, colors, etc


Give us a sketch, technical drawing, photo, or visualization of your design and we handle the process of digitizing the clothing. Any pattern alterations are simulated and adjusted quickly as the process of sampling happens in a digital environment. At the end of the process, you get a 3D visualization of the desired design.

2D technical


TRAVERSE_Colorway A_0.png




Studio OFFORM3D transfer your flat or digital pattern into 3D software. With such a 3D garment all the pattern alterations are done digitally and there is no need to fabricate a physical sample.

Send us a physical pattern or a digital form in formats such as Ai, PDF, or DXF exported from 2D software and we transfer your design in its 3D shape immediately.


Tech pack or any technical description is a great way to transfer the clothing in 3D quickly and accurately. Send us either a tech pack or documentation specifying materials colors etc. and we proceed with the transfer of clothing in 3D accordingly to all requirements listed.

With your fully digitized garment, OFFORM3D offers to process tech packs that include realistically looking 3D visuals of that garment. Once your garment is ready to be manufactured and sent to the factory, we create a tech pack describing all the details. The included information is portrayed on 3D visuals and this cuts off unnecessary mistakes when manufacturing.



custom made

/trimmings /avatars

O3D offers the service of creating custom-made trimmings and avatars for the purposes of 3D visualizations.


We create

  • zippers

  • buttons

  • cord locks

  • carabiners

  • beads

  • and many more

Send us one from the following

  • photo

  • blueprint

  • flat sketch

  • brands logo in vectors (for engraving)

You receive

  • OBJ file 

  • FBX file

  • file for 3D fashion software


O3D creates a 3D version of trimming with an atypical shape or engraved brand logo. Just send us a photo with the further specifications and the trim will be created according to your requirements. Usable in any software, the custom-made trimming underlines the brand´s DNA and adds authenticity to the final 3D visualization.

custom madee.png


Studio OFFORM3D provides you with the service of designing an avatar to your liking. By changing facial features, we create a very authentic version of your avatar. Give us a photo or a reference of the face and we capture its features that 90 % correspond to reality.

custom made


  • authentic avatar visuals/ animations

  • avatar for 3D fashion software

  • avatar´s facial features are modifiable

From a photo we modify

  • facial features

  • facial features from a photo

  • hair - limited

You receive

  • OBJ file 

  • FBX file

  • file for 3D fashion software

šipka dolu.png

/render /turntable video /animation

O3D offers a wide range of 3D visuals to choose from. 
From a simple picture of digitized clothing with realistically simulated drape, stitching, fabric, and trimmings. To 360° turntable video or walking video. 

All the angles and details are feasible. 3D renders can substitute classic photos used on online stores.

1. render


2. turntable video (3).gif

A turntable animation shows the garment as a unit where the final silhouette, colors, fabrics, and details are well depicted.

3D visuals
render/ turntable video/ animation (1).gif

3. animation


Animation is a powerful tool to show garments in movement. The garments in movement accurately display physical properties of fabrics – starting from the fabric thickness, fluidity, reflection, opacity to its structure. 

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