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3D visuals

O3D offers a wide range of 3D visuals to choose from. 
From a simple picture of digitized clothing with realistically simulated drape, stitching, fabric, and trimmings. To 360° turntable video or walking video. 

All the angles and details are feasible. 3D renders can substitute classic photos used on online stores.

1. render

2. turntable video (3).gif

A turntable animation shows the garment as a unit where the final silhouette, colors, fabrics, and details are well depicted.


3. animation

Animation is a powerful tool to show garments in movement. The garments in movement accurately display physical properties of fabrics – starting from the fabric thickness, fluidity, reflection, opacity to its structure. (1).gif

3D is becoming a new visual language in fashion, and it is a convincing way to present a collection of clothing.

The visuals have an inexhaustible amount of use starting from a lookbook with pictures of the 3D garment, 3D fashion campaigns with professional scenes, or a digital catwalk with animated custom-made avatars. O3D offers a wide range of 3D visuals to choose from.

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