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Ofform3D is the first digital fashion studio in The Czech Republic. It was founded in September 2019 by two enthusiasts (Katerina Ciharova and Ivan Dvorak) who believed DIGITAL is the way to go. Currently, Katerina and Ivan are mentors to a team of digital artists with backgrounds in fashion, graphic design, 3D design, and many more.  In O3D we believe in a better world, where fashion isn't the second highest polluter in the world. To create 3D visualization is only needed a computer and a good internet connection. 


We offer services from 3D fashion visualizations, workshops in digital fashion to our online digital shop. There we offer over 300 digital styles for designers who do not have time to spend on basics and need fastly and accurately deliver to their customers. 


Are you interested in 3D fashion? Do you need visuals, learn how to work in it, or looking for a new fashion commercial video? Then do not hesitate and contact us!

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Jaselská 29
Prague 6, 
160 00



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