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We provide your company with the transformation from 2D to 3D in just 2 months!

Minimize physical samples

Maximize creativity


Studio O3D effectively trains your team in the 3D software needed for 3D fashion design development. 
You get a complete package starting from the design, material, and color choice to garment prototyping in a digital environment without having to sew a physical sample and finally to be able to create a compelling 3D garment visualization for promotional purposes.

We offer specialized courses shaped specifically to your business needs. In only TWO months, your team is able to work daily in 3D. Forget 2D, long sample shipments, and long talks to the factories.

Change the future, Change you. 

the process


overall steps

overall steps

Phase 1


Training the staff of your business in software intended for 3D fashion design

Studio O3D trains your team in 3D fashion design software. A trained team can do garment prototyping in a digital environment without having to sew a physical sample or create 3D garment visualizations for campaigns and other promotional purposes.

Contact us and we will arrange a plan suitable to the character of your business.

Phase 2


Your customized 3D library

While your company's staff is trained, the designers from OFFORM3D intensively work on transferring your 2D pattern collection into 3D. All the patterns are arranged and sewn in 3D software. The trained staff do not have to spend extra time creating the patterns from the scratch and can immediately start on the new product development.


Phase 3

Custom made trimmings/avatars

Studio OFFORM3D provides custom-made trimmings and avatars used for later stages of 3D design development. Based on specifications and visuals we create zippers, buttons, cord locks with specific shapes, or avatars with desired facial features.


Phase 4

3D visuals

3D clothing visualizations convincingly substitute the photographs of physical products. No expenses for photo shooting are needed. The collection is displayed virtually which cuts down on shipping time.


the benefits for your business

the benefits

A significant amount of time and expenses is saved on digital sampling. All the pattern alterations are done digitally and quickly simulated in 3D visualizations. There is no need to spend extra time and money on fabricating the physical samples to see if the fit of the garment meets the requirements.

Reducing the time spent on physical product development brings more space to the creative part of the design process.

The ability to export a flat pattern from the 3D software significantly shortens further product development such as grading in pattern-cutting programs.

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