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Save time spent on fabricating and dedicate it on creativity

Get the best out of your product by having a convincing 3D visualization. Studio OFFORM3D provides companies with product visualizations suitable for presentations, websites, or commercial purposes. There is a wide range to choose from so do not hesitate to leave us a message and explore the possibilities.



3D animation

Show the best of your product by having realistic visuals. Packshot stands for an image/video of a product that includes its packaging and labeling. It portrays the product in convincing ways, and therefore it is a great advertising and marketing tool.

360 turntable video is an
an efficient instrument for a
presentation where the
the potential client sees all the
details of the visualized
product. Apart from the details,
it highlights the structure of the
materials, colors, or different
color variations if required.

Animation is an excellent way
how to show the product’s
variability, composing/
decomposing, and
configuration. Present your
product in a movement, space
with a zoom on an important

Send us following

  • technical documentation / sketch / reference photo

  • artwork such as labels, logos, etc.

  • color palette

You receive

  • Packshot

  • 360° views

  • 3D animation

  • or choose just one from the visuals listed above


3D modeling & texturing

Our team creates a 3D model of your product based on the documentation that we receive. It is the first phase where the shape is created and the textures applied.


Product preview

When modeling and texturing are done we send you a link with the product’s preview where you see the shape, textures, and colors. If needed the final changes are done in this stage - based on your feedback the product is re-shaped or re-colorized.


The last stage consists of composing, lighting, and
finalizing the 3D product visual. We create an environment where your product is placed based on your demands of give us a free hand and we come with solutions that match your brand’s DNA. Any special effect can be added to highlight the mood of the final product visual. You can choose whether you want one from the following - 3D packshot, 360 views,
or 3D animation - or have the full pack.


3D is a strong visual tool that easily communicates all the essentials of the visualized product. There is no need to organize time-consuming photoshoots with pricy post-production. 3D visuals are done quickly and convincingly depict all the details.

No need to manufacture your product with uncertainty about the result. Have the 3D version and let the changes happen digitally. In the end, you save production costs and time.

It is a convincing way how to present products professionally even before they are fabricated.

There is no need for shipping or storing your products - 3D visuals travel digitally simply as files.

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