Going 3D helps in saving money, time, and materials needed for production.
The team of our designers will take care of delivering a precise 3D visualization of your design. To do so the only thing we need is a sketch, photo, or visualization of any kind.

By sending us a sketch of any kind the garment can be exported into 3D pictures, 360° turnable video, or a video of the garment in movement.



If you want to see that the fit of your design is correct without the need for sewing it, 3D visualization is a smart solution. For this, we would need the 2D pattern of your design so we can quickly transfer it to 3D and if any pattern adjustments need to be done, we can handle it as well. In the end, you get a file with a ready pattern that only needs to be printed.



​We are happy to announce that studio OFFORM3D is launching a digital library that consists of digitized basic garments. This facilitates the process of digitization because the file can be downloaded as a pattern in vectors. Get over 200 styles in different digital formats. These styles are perfect as a base pattern that can be adjusted according to your digital creation. Or if you need just a simple base for pattern cutting the library is an easy and quick solution for you. You can choose from categories such as menswear, womenswear, accessories that are divided into a wide range of sub-categories such as tops, trousers, activewear, beachwear, and many more. 






Once the pattern of your garment is ready to be sent to the factory we can create a tech pack with all the technical details in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes when manufacturing.

Our team has rich experience in making tech packs for factories and suppliers in Europe and Asia.