Or you might just want to know more about the future of digitization? Then visit our workshop and find out all the benefits digitization brings!
The workshops are led by our 2 designers               
Bara                               and Bara

What to bring to the course

- Notebook
- Mouse, ideally with a wheel (wireless apple mouse is not suitable)
- Installed trial version, to which we will send the link in advance

The benefits are following:

- You will learn about the digitization of fashion abroad and its most famous     representatives: 3D models, brands and the most successful campaigns
- Depending on the type of chosen course, they will reach the basic level of work in the Clo3D program (cuts; options for textures, colors, lights;rendering and much more)
- With the willingness to improve, you will be able to create your own digital styles in a short time

Would like to learn how to design clothes in 3D?

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